AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

The Aeropress has been bopping around the outdoor adventure world for a while now, and it doesn't take long to find out why. This particular model is geared for travel and packs away neatly into a case that doubles as a mug. The plastic construction is light but durable enough for the bottom of a pack or back of your truck. And while it does use disposable filters, this model has a puck-like disk where you can put enough filters for the duration of your trip and pack them in the case.

The coffee itself is both quick and really high quality. It only takes 10 seconds after you put hot water in to make a hot cup. With room temp water you can make cold brew in a minute, and it actually tastes like cold brew (I was shocked). It uses air pressure to force water through the coffee to make a concentrate that you can drink like an espresso or add water for an americano.

The Aeropress was also the easiest to clean, by far. You remove the filter cap and press the plunger out of the bottom of the press then eject the puck of pressed, dry, coffee beans out. This was, by far, my favorite method thanks to speed, simplicity and quality of taste.

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